Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy New Year!

Better late than know how it goes. The new year blew in so quickly with a huge snow storm and I suddenly find myself in the middle of January. New year brings to mind resolutions....well I have tried to avoid those personal health improvement resolutions in recent years due to failure....yes I'll be honest- FAILURE! It seems the middle of January is a pretty difficult time to maintain a resolution...with dismal cold weather, and storm after storm, it's just plain depressing! How is one expected to cheerfully keep up that jogging plan of 10 km per day? Perhaps riding a stationary bike for ten minutes may be closer to the truth, anyway you get my drift! So the closest I may come to a resolution is to post in this blog fairly regularly (open for interpretation) and spend more evening time on leisure activities such as hand work- knitting and quilting and less on work prep! There! I have made a commitment of sorts.

On a more positive note, I have been busy knitting and completed the Clown yarn sweater for my grand daughter J. Here it is after blocking.

With J in a stage of constant movement however, it has been very difficult to get a clear picture
of her with the sweater on! My apologies, but this is the best I can do for
now. Hopefully I'll get a better picture soon. I love this yarn purchased at Have A Yarn and may pick up some for another project in the future.

My current project is knitting a Rolled Brim Hat with SISU Fantasy to match a pair of mittens I knit last spring for my grand daughter T......hanging head in shame. I used an online calculator to develop the pattern. It was my first use of these calculators and pretty easy to use for this simple pattern.

It was a weekend of cold snowy weather that encouraged staying inside and cooking so I made a favourite veggie burger recipe from A Veg*n for Dinner. Tracey's blog is hilarious to read and she spends a lot of time developing recipes for her family who are fairly new vegetarians, making the transition through eating foods of veggie and soy bases similar to meat type dishes- burgers, "meatloaves" and such. I have tried a number of her recipes and they have been very good.

Keep those needles clicking.....