Thursday, March 4, 2010


Just to prove I did actually felt my first ever felted slippers, I took a quick photo and here they are! Yes, I do need more practice in sizing, although in real life they look closer in length than in the photo.

Late Winter blahs!

Spring is almost here, and to support that theory, I saw four white tailed deer nibbling on a tiny bit of green the other morning after a heavy rain. That's a sure sign! Food is getting scarce in the woods and they are desperate for some fresh greens.

The blahs in my title is related to my on again off again bouts with cold type viruses since early December. Knowing many family and friends with the same affliction has been a bit comforting. We have all suffered together.

On the knitting front I have had a busier than normal winter...what else can one do when mostly house bound with a nagging cough and cold? So, after many months I finally finished a cherished, moderately complicated sock pattern- Marilinda by Cookie A. I just love her sock designs and hope to knit more in the future when I feel the urge for a more challenging pattern.

Recently a little experiment with Kool-Aid dyeing resulted in these socks knit in a basic three and one rib...a very comfortable fit for me with some stretch. I used Bare Superwash wool, from KnitPicks in white. Fun and easy to dye and very nice to knit with. Another skein is sitting in a corner, just waiting for attention. I'm not sure just yet what shade I will attempt next.

The process I used:

Skein in hot water. Simmer, add mixed Kool-Aid Skein drying

Cherry and grape used

Felted slippers were another project I completed. The wool is Patons Classic Wool. These were finished for my daughter.

Confession! My first pair of felted slippers knitted eons ago- would you believe a year ago- were felted at the same time and turned out nicely. Felted slippers should be added to my to-do list for gifts as i have seen some very pretty ones recently especially for little folks.

Pre felting stage!

Back to stitching!