Saturday, April 7, 2007

Big Easter Snow!

Well its been two months since updating as I've been very busy and having problems with signing in to blogger also. Guess I finally did it!

This weather is pretty crazy. Tomorrow is Easter and we are having the largest snowfall of the winter tonight! So far we have about ten inches.

I have been in a pretty active period in my knitting, busy with socks which I find are an easy project to take on trips in the car or just to pick up for a little relaxation after work in the evening. On the left above is a completed Ripple Sock pattern which I found online in Patons Kroy in Denim Jacquard. The colour has really turned out to be a blackish grey. If I make this pattern again, I may use brighter colours with more blues, but the pattern was fun to do. On the right below is a work in progress- just a plain sock pattern in Fortissima Denim Blue- awesome results with plain knitting!

Lots of shovelling ahead tomorrow morning. Hopefully after a nice ham with the trimmings dinner, I may have some time to knit also while admiring the snowy white world outside!