Monday, April 8, 2013

A New Chapter!

I'm an avid blog reader! Blogs about knitting, quilting, food, gardening and more recently rug hooking I really enjoy and have some favourites that I visit daily. Time consuming, yeah but fun! The reason I now have the time is because I retired about six months ago. This also means I have more time for those crafts I love and so hope to post more frequently.
One of my retirement goals was to start rug hooking. Sure I had dallied at it a bit years ago making a small coaster or two, but now have the time for the real deal! I find it a perfect activity for those moments when you have some spare time but don't feel like finding a pattern or putting together tools or materials. It is there and ready to go for a few moments hooking!
I have accomplished quite a bit at a weekly hooking with friends and so a peek at my current work is below. Mind you, like knitting and hand quilting you need to develop a rhythm for even stitches or loops in this case which isn't quite there yet for me, but will come in time. I call this my practice rug. It is an old pattern which I really love.

  The early April weather is still chilly here in Nova Scotia. Spring bulbs are starting to show and last week I planted tomato seeds. Hoping for a bit more warmth soon!
Very excited to hear George Canyon at a concert locally tonight!
Happy stitching and hooking!