Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And the sun is shining....

I'm having a lazy day today....home alone and lots of free time, so I decided to upload a few pictures! Earlier this month at work we had a Cookie Exchange. It was fun and we each took home a tray of delicious holiday cookies!

Nova Scotia weather is so unpredictable! Snow plus rain equals lots of slippery ice. That sums up most of our winter weather. Holiday travelling is always iffy. We missed one family social in St. Margaret's Bay due to weather, and now New Year's Eve is promising another mess. Last evening we had some of our local family for dinner. It was a pleasant evening!

Now some belated news on my Christmas knitting. First are the Briggs and Little Tuffy work socks I worked so hard on to have as a surprise for DH. At some point, he saw them in my knitting bag but pretended not to! Eventually I figured it out though. He never looks in my knitting bag- how did this happen? Sometime I must have made a slip, or left them out.
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Then I knit face cloths to add to a bath gift for my two SIL's. My daughter was very impressed with the Breast Cancer awareness design (I'm a survivor), and she has a birthday coming up in February...so hehe a great birthday idea!

I used Bernat Handicrafter Cotton for both cloths. It makes a very soft face cloth.

On the new knitting front, I've started a sweater for my grand daughter J. She's just seven months old. As soon as I saw the pattern and yarn at a local yarn shop, Have a Yarn, I knew I had to make it. So, with Christmas knitting completed, I have a start on the back of the sweater. The yarn is Clown by Marks and Kattens. She is growing quickly, so must get this project done.

I dabble at vegetarian cooking and to my delight one of my Christmas gifts was a vegetarian cookbook. One of my New Year resolutions will definitely be to experiment with more vegetarian recipes and maybe move from a goal of 1 vegetarian main meal per week to 2.
Happy Holidays.....

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